Wild Swimming Day Trips and Weekends

Wild Swimming simply means exploring the world’s outdoor swimming places. The health benefits are obvious but most of all it’s an adventure. Kerry has some of the best and most unspoilt outdoor swimming locations in the world with it’s raw beauty and ruggedness, it is a unique location for wild swimmers. There is an abundance of clean outdoor swimming locations in Kerry all of them untainted by crowds or pollution. You may choose from peaceful sandy coves, secluded beaches, rivers, rock pools and remote mountain lakes. Even in the height of summer you can easily find quiet and uncrowded beaches and lakes.

Our tours are very relaxed we are never in a rush and all tours are tailored to the needs and abilities of the group. We strongly believe that the best swimmer in the one having the most fun. You don’t even have to be a great swimmer on our Wild Swimming Tours. There is no distance you must swim and the amount of time you spend in the water is up to you. It’s all about submerging yourself in the beautiful landscape. It is more than just a visual tour, you get to feel, smell, taste and become part of the environment.

We also provide Open Water Swim Tours for swimmers whom would like to swim more distance, these swims are not races and we encourage swimmers to stop to take in their surroundings. We can visit small Islands, lighthouses, caves and secret beaches. On all our tours, you learn the rich history and stories of the locations we swim at, also a little of the wild life that is above and below us. Most of all you get to spend time with a small group of very likeminded people that enjoy each others company and the landscape that surrounds them, and there is always coffee and cake.

We provide half day, full day and weekend breaks. Our groups are all small and wetsuits and any other equipment can be provided. We can run year-round but water time is restricted during the winter months. We tailor each tour to the weather conditions and needs and abilities of each group. We can provide accommodation for any budget, if required, from hostel to castle.

Please email us at wildwateradventures@yahoo.ie for further information and to request a booking.

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