Why Choose Me

I have always had a passion for the ocean, swimming, surfing, diving , kayaking and coasteering. When I was young I swam competitively in our local swimming club, Kingdom Swimming Club and later in the Kingdom Masters but if I’m honest,  I much prefer to swim in the ocean.

I especially loved long distance marathon swimming and have won many events, including The Lee Swim and Beginish (twice). I also hold the record for Blennerville to  Fenit.

I started coaching swimming for Kingdom Swimming Club over 10  years ago and found that I really enjoyed developing and correcting the technique of the swimmers. 

I wanted to pass my love for open water swimming on to my children who were members of the club, so we decided to continue their swim season by organizing junior open water sessions where members of the club took to the ocean in Fenit once a week. This proved very popular and we have continued providing this service every summer. 

For the past several years I have coached open water adult swimmers, from new to open water through to advanced levels in Fenit throughout the summer season. I love to watch swimmers gain confidence, set goals and help them achieve their goals, whether it is to swim to the first buoy or to complete a marathon swim. For me the best swimmer is the one having the most fun.

Our adult open water coached sessions are in the evenings in Fenit, Monday through to Thursday From the end of May to September. 

We like to finish the season with everyone coming together for some social swims during Our Swim Fest in September where we will run different events of different distances.


If you have a long distance swim you would like to accomplish please talk to us. We run swims from anywhere from 2 km – 35 km in the Tralee Bay area. We can help plan your event, cover water safety, work a training schedule, build on stamina and fine tune technique. And pick the perfect conditions to execute your swim. 


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