We Have You Covered

If you are looking for a team building event, be it corporate, club or social group we can build a package tailored to your needs. Be it land based or water based, indoor or outdoor, adventurous or sedate, educational or trust building, we have you covered.

Team Building Kayaking/SUP/ Giant SUP

Get your team out on the water in a great fun team building activity. Learn new skills and get competitive putting newly learned skills in to practice. These activities can be tailored to age and ability for any group dynamic. Please contact us and we can put an itinerary to gether for you.

First Aid and AED

We can provide First Aid and AED Training. Please contact us and we will endeavor to run a course to suit your needs.

Team Building Orienteering, Bushcrafts, Walks and Wild Swims

These are just some of the activities that can be put together for you for your team building needs

Water Safety

Safety in the water is our business. We cover safety and kayak safety for swim events in Tralee Bay. Looking to swim a distance in Tralee Bay contact us and we will make your dream swim come true. We will help choose the perfect conditions to make your swim an achievable and safe event. Whether it’s for charity, relay or solo event we are the experts in Tralee Bay when it comes to all things water. Contact us to discuss your swim.

Contact us today with any inquiry about your team building event, first aid trianing, swim kayak support training or water safety requirements.

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