Jump into nature in North Kerry, Go Coasteering!

Explore our stunning North Kerry Coastline  Coasteering, scrambling over rocks, swimming through sea arches, into caves, rock jumping, cliff jumping, just pure, undiluted adventure!!

Fun activity, a great day out!

Coasteering is a unique way to explore North Kerry’s stunning coastline. Bring out your inner child while you scramble, jump, splash. dive, swim under sea arches and cliffs and into channels and caves in nature’s own playground. If you are not smiling, laughing, and cheering we are not doing our job.

  • Learn some local history and experience some of the wildlife the West Coast of Ireland has to offer.
  • Always Feel safe and confident knowing you are with an experienced Coasteering Trained Leader and all guides are also qualified Beach Lifeguards. We take your fun very seriously !!
  • Each tour is tailored to the needs and abilities of each group.
  • To keep you warm and comfortable we provide you with a top-quality winter wet-suit, neoprene socks and gloves.
  • To keep you safe and protected we provide you will a Helly Hansen Buoyancy Aid and a state of the art Water Sports Helmet

Frequently Asked Questions

Coasteering is a mixture of rock scrambling, adventure swimming, jumping. exploring and adventuring until your face hurts from smiling.

Allow time to get to us (20/25 mins from Tralee, Listowel, 15 mins Ballybunion, and Ballyheigue). Allow to get changed,  kitted out  and for a safety brief, the Tour consists of 2  hours water time. expect to be with us for 3 hours.

You only need to a bring swim suit and a towel, an old pair of trainers that will get wet and a pair of shorts to wear over the wet suit. We will provide all the important stuff to keep you warm, safe and comfortable.
If you are on holidays and don’t have shorts and trainers don’t panic, just inform us of your shoe sizes when booking and we can provide them for you.

You will be provided with a warm winter wet suit.  It is only the initial cold flush of water through the suit when you first enter the water and then your suit starts to do its job. You should be comfortable for the rest of the tour.

Believe it or not, NO. If you can move your arms you can go coasteering. Feel confident in the ocean as our suits are super buoyant you are also provided with a Helly Hanson Buoyancy Aid.
You are in safe hands because all our guides are qualified Beach Lifeguards and we tailor each tour to suit the needs and abilities of each group.

Yes, participants need to be at least 10 years old for Coasteering. We will take children from age 8 if a parent is with them in the water. There is no maximum age limit, the oldest we have had so far is a ‘know no fear granny’, aged 65, we are looking for a new record holder!! 

It’s not a silly question, it is Ireland after all, YES WE CAN!
We are going to be getting wet anyway and there is something quite beautiful about the sound of rain on the ocean.

Meenogahane Pier.  We will meet you at Meenogahane Pier, Near Casuseway Village in North Kerry. https://goo.gl/maps/vAM2jBhG5mpewD3RA

You do not have to do any jumps on the tour if you do not wish, although you may surprise yourself! We cater for all levels of adventure on our tour. With jumps of all levels at each section. Coasteering is so much more than the jumps!

TY's, college, Clubs and Groups

Are You Looking for an Activity for Your Youths That Will Enhance Self Esteem, Build Self Confidence and Help with Communication Skills?  Coasteering is the answer. Contact us with your group needs and to avail of our discounted rates for large groups.

Top 5 benefits:

  1. Enhance self-esteem and build self-confidence while being challenged, an adrenaline filled action packed tour that necessitates teamwork.
  2.  To keep you warm and super buoyant throughout your activity we provide top quality equipment.
  3.  Feel safe and confident at all times knowing you are with experienced and qualified Beach Lifeguards and Trained Coasteering Leader. You don’t even have to be able to swim.
  4. We practice a ‘Leave No trace’ and ‘Clean Ocean’ tour.
  5. Learn some local history, geology, and about the coastal sea life both in the water and on the cliffs.

Case study: which shows the positive benefits that participation in a challenging adventure/ extreme sport can have on a youth’s sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-control.

“Adventure based education is an innovative approach to teaching a secure sense of self, developing personal responsibility, and acquiring coping and communication skills. Furthermore, evidence shows that the rich experiential environments provided by adventure programmes facilitate effective transfer into everyday life, with growth continuing well after the immediate “buzz” of the programme.” (Hattie et al 1997)

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